Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i need to think for myself
i need freedom
i need my time alone
i nedd a rest
i need a vacation a way from this place
spend my time alone...thinking about my life
thinking about my life and my lifetime alone
i don't know if i can risk it yet
i dont know if i am ready to risk it yet
i dont know
iwant to but maybe not too soon.
not too soon

Monday, September 15, 2008

hard habit to break

your my hard habit to break.

i am so used to this kind of situation with you. i am so used to us.
and i dont know if i am tired. but my emotions right now, are speechless.

nothing much to say. tired. scared. mixed emotions with nothing much to offer.

well, llis told me that i saw this comming. i was stubborn. or hopeful.

i dont know. yeah i am stubborn.

from 1 -10, i put you as my seven. yeah just seven. yet ask why i am still here.

i am hopeful. but emotionally exhausted. really emotionally exhausted.

maybe you rate me as a 7 too. that's why ur treating me like this.

i know you've changed. and so many things tells me you've changed.

but yet, a big part of me tells me to back out. run away.

for you can suddenly changed your mind and leave me in the middle of somewhere. that i can't wait to happen.

this is an unfamiliar territory. this things, i know nothing much. my knowledge in psychology fails me here.

i am still praying that we can fix the "us" part. but prayers are not helpful, if each of us is uncooperative.

ron told me, i dont have to decide now. not soon. he told me to enjoy what's left and try to nurture it.

i will delay the decision making for now. well, i am not the only one to decide. you, too, have to decide

there are many better things to think about. i dont need to waste my neurons for something like this.

i am still here. i still put you as my seven.

but i hope you can help me changed my mind.

Monday, September 01, 2008

nothing much to do

i don't exactly know what i will do next with my life.

i am 26. i have doctorate degree. i just graduated. i just have six wonderful digits after my name. and i dont have any idea of what i will do next with my life.

well i have set goals like everyone. this year i plan to rest. not to work in a big hospital. just do some doctor stuff in seting where there will be a little less number paients than what i had when i was an intern.

basically i will yet start to realize the life of an adult.

i am scared.

natatakot ako magsimula ulit. to start introducing myself to everyone. to start establishing my name. hinde ko alam yung ibang tao parang tuwang tuwa makakapagsimula sila.

ako. syempre masaya ako. pero na overcome ako ng takot. naduduwag akong maging mag-isa.

magulo yung utak ko. halata sa mga sinusulat ko.

bahala na bukas. i'll take everything one day at a time.

today i plan to finish my resume
tomorow i will call 2 hospitals and ask for their requirements. this will be my job hunting week. hopefully it will give me positive vibe...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

one question i wasnt prepared to answer

in one of our lunch break...(me and my studym8s) talked about the questions that we were asked back when we were applying at st lukes for med skul and as to who was our interviewer.

i remembered then, the person who interviewed me was the head of the registrar. she had three questions for me. first one was the most common question...on why i choose to be in medskul. the second one was to explanation a quotation from her bowl of quotatations hehehe

and the third one was situational. i wasnt expecting it.

here was the situation "what if i had bf since first year and then third year comes, this bf of mine left me". i was a little confused. silent for a moment. thinking is this a trick question.

and then i answered "ok lang" " i guess thats how it is. everybody gets hurt, who doesnt right" she was a little surprised with my answer and said somethings that i dont exactly remember.

i think i was the only person asked about relationships...i didnt realized it was so important until i saw people coming from bad break up of 6 or 7 yeras.

some were suicidal, some where a little bit transformed into a negative being you barely knew,some got a little bigger horizontally bigger, some were depressed for a while.

but hei...these girls are still here surviving medical school. still finishing internship or clerkship and passing the board exams.

break up probably have delayed them from finishing things on time. but hey nobody is in a hurry...the important thing is they reached their goals and were able to realized their dreams.

i still dont understand why the registrar ask me that particular question...but if she would ask that today, my answer would be the same.

in reality however, its different. i would probably be hurt so bad. cry my ass out. but hei, that doesnt mean m weak. a bit emotional but still rational.

this one person cannot stop me from getting what i want. you may get me out of focus at times, paralyzed for a few days. but hei i survived my previous years without you, will i not survive this one?

the presence of this one person should be a source of hope, support, love, the butterflies in the stomach, and everything beautiful. he would momentarily be a times source of frustrations on the small stuff

but when things doesnt seem to be working as it was supposed to. there is no point in pursuing things. well easier said than done.

i said my piece. i was the one hurt but yet i was the one making peace. i tried. i guess i am tired, i need a break from all this stuff. i need peace.

one question i iwasnt prepared to answer

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

nalulungkot ako

nalulungkot ako

ewan ko ba. kj nawawalan ng gana sa laht ng bagay

alam ko na may dapat ayusin sa buhay ko pero parang ayaw ko simulan
tamad na tamad akong magsimula at gawin ang dapat gawin

ayusen ang dapat ayusin

ngayong araw na iti, i choose to live for myself

i choose to do things because i think na yun ang dapat ko gawin.

hangang 12 midnight gagawin ko ang mga bagay na maiisip ko na makakpag pasaya sa akin

pero pag may duda ako hindi ko itutuloy


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

nothin much to say

nothin much left to say

i said my part

gud that he knows
masaya kc malaya na ako sa mga damdaming pilit na kumukulong sa akin

i just said my piece

up to you to react or do something or do nothin about it

the decision to make is yours
do what you think is fair, for you anf for me.

thanks but no thanks

Friday, October 19, 2007

something new is about to come in my life....

first time in history of my life na magkakaroon ako ng pet dog at excited ako sobra

para siyang bagong baby

isa ciang gift from a friend and i like it.
and excitedna ako ipa vaccine cia, maghanap ng karton para tirahan nia, mag prepare ng milk nia hehehe

kahet na weekends lang ako asa bahay, na excite ako

sana alagaan cia ng kapatid ko =)

bibile ren ako ng dog belt

madumi daw cia kase lalaki

wala ako paki kase hinde naman ako mag lilinis eh hahaha tamad

masaya lang =)